Friday, September 18, 2009

Crochet Sister

The next few posts will be an attempt to salvage items from my website, which with the closing of Geocities, will disappear next month.

Today's post is a poem written several years ago about the feeling of "sisterhood" (brothers welcome) among crocheters--around the world and throughout time.

"Crochet Sister"

She holds her hook just like me,
yarn passing through her hands.
She is very close to me
though perhaps in a distant land.

Yarn over, insert hook,
is she using blue or red?
Is her pattern in a book,
or a memory in her head?

Does she spin her own wool
from sheep she grazes on the hills?
Does she create for pleasure,
or crochet to pay the bills?

I don't know, we've never met,
perhaps we will some day;
and I'm sure I'll recognize her..
my "sister in crochet".

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