Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Virtual Hug

If you were my neighbor,
I'd bake you some muffins,
some rhubarb pie, and home-made bread
If you were my brother, I'd call you up,
we'd talk for hours,
or I'd listen instead

If you were my daughter,
we'd go to the movies,
or maybe we'd go to the Panda Buffet
If you were my father,
I would come visit, get out the cards,
until morning we'd play

If you were my girlfriend,
I'd ask you over, we'd laugh and talk
over mugs of hot tea
But you are a "mouse-pal"...
linked only by email,
so far away, yet so dear to me

The first one I think of
when something exciting
has happened and begs to be shared
The one that has been there
through all of my troubles,
the one that I know will not care

if I'm still in my jammies,
on my first cup of coffee,
my hair isn't combed or my house isn't clean
The one that I think of
and pray for and cheer for....
A dear friend that I've never seen

So when you have troubles
and life disappoints you,
how can I be there for you?
Send you an email
that comes out all wrong,
keep checking my inbox for "new"

Emoticons can't take the place
of a smile,
Tweets are as curt as a shrug
So I'll use my blog
to say all I want,
and send you a Virtual Hug.

Thinking of you, my dear friend.

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