Friday, November 20, 2009

Knitting Podcasts

OK, so maybe I'm late to the party, having just discovered the wonderful world of knitting podcasts. For many years, I've been listening to books on cassette and cd while I stitch, but there is something special about listening to someone talk about knitting while you're knitting. Perhaps I'm only now discovering this treasure trove due to the fact that I have yet to invest in an Ipod. Of course, my daughter has a very nice one, but isn't that what moms do--go without so their children can have everything they need and as much of what they want as possible? No matter, I don't need an Ipod to listen to podcasts, as they play very well on the computer--which happens to be in my "studio", so it's all good.

So the next thought was, if I'm just now realizing what's available, maybe someone else is as behind the times as I am, and why not compile a list?
Wouldn't you know, someone has already done that as well---yay!

Check out the Knitting Podcast blog at

for a recently updated list.

The first two podcasts that I discovered and began to listen to are
Cast On
and Sticks and String
both highly recommended. It doesn't matter that the beginning episodes are several years old by now. "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop." (Alice in Wonderland-Lewis Carroll) The wonderful thing is, there are so many podcasts, and so much catching up to do, that the end is far away. For now, my books on tape are all going back to the library!

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